There are 35 Lifeline phone providers. Most of these providers offer about the same type of plan. The plans will vary in the number of texts as well as minutes you'll receive. It's important to compare each one of these plans that are offered in your state to ensure you are getting the best value for your dollar and a plan that works for your needs.
Lifeline Free Cell Phone Providers

Assurance Wireless

You get a free phone unlimited free text, 350 free minutes, and 500MB data. In the California area you get unlimited text and talk as well as 500MB data


American Assistance

With American Assistance you can get 500 free texts, 500 free voice minutes and a free cell phone.


Access Wireless

With the Access Wireless plan, you get a free cell phone, unlimited text, 100 to 750 minutes, and 52200 megabytes of data.


FeelSafe Wireless

You get 500 free minutes, a free cell phone, 500 MB data, and 500 texts what's this plan in most States. In California, you get unlimited text, unlimited talk and 100MB of data. Through the Oklahoma Tribal program, you get unlimited text, unlimited talk,


Life Wireless

You get 500 voice minutes, a free cell phone, some data, and unlimited text in Most states through this program. In Oklahoma and California, you will get unlimited text and unlimited voice and 500MB of data.


Safelink Wireless

In California, you will get a free Android cell phone, unlimited texting, unlimited minutes, and 500MB of data. In the other states, you will get 350 minutes, a free cell phone, unlimited texting, and 500MB of data.


Q Link Wireless

With the Q Link Wireless program, you get 500 voice minutes, a free cell phone, and unlimited texts each month.


Tempo Communications

Tempo is a free government cell phone program that offers you 500 minutes of talk, free cell phone, 500MB data, and unlimited texts.

Lifeline Discount Cell Phone Providers

You many find that you qualify for the Lifeline Assistance program's free phone plans, but that none of the companies offer service where you live. Or perhaps the free phone plans you did find in your area aren't acceptable to you for one reason or another. The good news is that you have another option. The companies below, while not offering free cell phone plans, do offer substantial Lifeline discounts off their regular mobile phone plans in some states. If you can find one in your state you may be able to get a fantastic plan at a discount price:

U.S. Cellular

In 26 US states US Cellular does business. In just fifteen of those states it offers the Lifeline program. The states with service include Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oregon, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virgi



T-Mobile is actually a subsidiary of Deutsch Telecom which is a very large telecommunication company which is based in Germany. This company does business in 11 European countries, Puerto Rico, United States, and the US Virgin Islands.


ATT Mobility

The wireless service provided it by the phone giant AT&T is called AT&T Mobility. AT&T is a company that has been around.