Access Wireless

With the Access Wireless plan, you get a free cell phone, unlimited text, 100 to 750 minutes, and 52200 megabytes of data.

In California, you'll get 100 minutes of texts as well as 200MB of data.

One of the top companies in the free government cell phone plan business is Access Wireless. They offer the lifeline assistance program in many States including Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Maryland, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, and West Virginia

For anyone that lives in one of these states, the Access Wireless program is one that you will want to consider. Access Wireless is the brand name of services provided by i-Wireless. There are three different Lifeline assistance providers that do business under a very similar name. In Iowa, there is iWwireless and in Cincinnati, there is i-Wireless as well as Access Wireless which is provided by i-wireless.

Program Specifics for the Access Wireless Program

Most free government cell phone programs in most States will be free of charge if you're eligible for the program. In most states, you will get 200 voice minutes, free cell phone, and unlimited text per month. California is the only state that tends to have a better program than this. You can use your minutes for domestic long-distance, local calling, and text messaging. Depending upon your state there will be different plans available to you. Here is how the entire plan will break down.

For States Other Than California

Text, Data, and Free Talk Plan: 500MB of data, 100 voice minutes each month, and unlimited text messages. If you use more data then you do minutes, then this would be the plan for you.

Text and Free Talk Plan: Unlimited text messages, 500 free voice minutes, and 50MB of data each month. If you have a small data needs this is the plan for you. Please bear in mind at 50MB of data is not going to last very long.

Text, Data, Free Talk and State Fund:(With smartphone in OR, NE, or KY Only): This includes 500MB data, 300 voice minutes, and unlimited text messages.

Text, Free Talk, with State Funds: (Feature phone in OR, NE, or KY Only): This plan includes 500mb data, 350 voice minutes, and unlimited text messages.

California Plans

If you qualify in California will get a better plan. The free plan in California starts with 100 minutes of text which is four times the standard plan. You also get 200MB of data usage. If you pay an additional $10 a month you will get unlimited texting and voice as well as 500MB data. Other plans range from $5 to $25 per month.

In California, you can visit the California Lifeline page or you can compare offers from various companies. There are no long-term contracts, no monthly bills, no recurring fees, surcharges, or any activation charges.

Access Wireless is a program supported by the government to ensure that you can get a mobile phone. If you previously been unable to get yourself a wireless phone you will qualify for a free Access Wireless phone as well as phone service. You can use this phone for sending text messages, making phone calls, and having access to 911 services.

Bonus Programs

There are some bonus programs you can take advantage of such as Kroger which is one of the biggest grocery store chains in the country. They have partnered with Access Wireless to give you a free government cell phone bonus program. Here is the program according to the website:

"If you shop at a Kroger family of stores you can earn free wireless service each time you are there. For every $100 that you spent you'll receive free minutes rewarded to your account automatically."

For those that live close to a Kroger Supermarket, it's going to add more minutes to your account each month.

The other program gives Access Wireless customers 100 minutes for free for each friend that they refer to this program. You have the ability to refer as many as ten friends and you will earn up to 1,000 minutes.

To Qualify

The service offered by Access Wireless will vary state-by-state. It all depends on the state regulations, other services, what's offered, and other ways in which you can qualify. if you are participating in some of the government assistance programs or if you have a household income that is 135 to 150% of the poverty guidelines you could have qualify for the program.

Access Wireless:
Phone: 1-800-464-6010
Website: Access Wireless