American Assistance

With American Assistance you can get 500 free texts, 500 free voice minutes and a free cell phone.

American assistance is sometimes called American Broadband & Telecommunications.  This company is the brand name for the lifeline assistance free government cell phone program which is offered by American Broadband & Telecommunications. Here is what American assistance program offers.

Free government cell phones from this program are currently offered in Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

If you for the free cell phone program you will get 500 free text messages and 500 free monthly minutes. Qualified applicants receive free call waiting, free caller ID, free voicemail, and free 3-way calling. American assistance indicates there is no contract, no monthly bills, no purchase necessary, and no money down.

Text and Additional Minutes Plan

If you feel that 500 texts per month in 500 minutes of talk are not enough or you need some data, then American Assistance also offers you the choice to purchase additional text messages, add data to the plan, or purchase additional voice minutes. The options and plans available to you or located on the company website. the thing to keep in mind is that these extras can be quite expensive. Be sure to view the various providers in your state before you sign up for anything if you feel you're going to need some extra add-ons.


Eligibility for Lifeline service and the American Assistance phone will vary state-to-state. If you participate in any of the following programs you will qualify

· Medicaid

· Supplemental nutrition assistance program SNAP or food stamps

· Federal public housing assistance (Section 8)

· Supplemental Security income or SSI

· Veteran's pension and survivor's benefit

· Tribally administered temporary assistance for needy families or Tribal TANF

· Tribal Head Start if you meet the income qualifying standard

· Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations or FDPIR

· Bureau of Indian Affairs general assistance or BIA

If Lifeline is approved for your state but you're not on any government assistance program you will qualify if your household income meets government guidelines for poverty which is typically 135-150% of the stated guidelines. You can call the Assurance Wireless phone number or submit the application by mail to see if you meet the qualifications.

Look at other Companies in Your State and Compare with American Assistance

There are manyphone providers by state so you should compare these with American Assistance and find the best one to meet your needs. The choice in plans and offering can vary company to company. You should complete comparison shopping before you sign up for anything.


American Assistance
PO Box 577
Toledo, OH 43604
Phone: 866.966.2628