How Can I Get A Replacement For A Stolen, Lost, Or Broken Phone?
We get a lot of questions about how you can replace a lost, stolen or a broken phone. As we are one of the leading authorities on Lifeline assistance which is the free government cell phone program, this is a very common question asked of us.

There are many different companies which compete in the Lifeline program and they usually have similar policies in regards to stolen or lost phones. Although they are similar they still have some and differences so we're going to put all of those policies together in one place so you have a handy place to refer to them.

In total, there are five free government cell phone companies that are national or near national in scope and many other smaller companies that compete on a regional basis. Let's have a look at the five companies on the national level.

Safelink Wireless Replacement Policy

One of the best-known and largest companies that will offer you free government cell phones is SafeLink Wireless. in Puerto Rico, Washington DC, and 38 States they have millions of customers. The policy they have for stolen or lost phones is as follows:

" Any phone that is stolen or lost from SafeLink Wireless you can request and you'll receive one replacement phone for a customer. The phone that you received as the replacement will be refurbished. Any phone that is reported as stolen or lost is going to be permanently disabled. Any replacement phone that is sent to you will only include 10 minutes of any lost airtime. If you had additional airtime On your lost phone this is not going to be replaced. If you lose your replacement phone or this phone is stolen then you're going to need to purchase another phone. my phone is stolen or lost while it is in transport to the customer before that customer receives the phone then the airtime in the lost phone could be replaced as a one-time courtesy at the sole discretion of TracFone."

Assurance Wireless Replacement Policy

Virgin Mobile has a division called Assurance Wireless. This division has grown quite rapidly and now is serving 40 States as well as the District of Columbia. They're stolen and lost phone policy is as follows:

What to do I need to do if I lose my phone provided by Assurance Wireless?

"The first thing you should do is to try and locate your phone as you may have simply just misplaced it somewhere. If you're unable to locate your phone you should contact us as soon as possible and then we'll suspend at the service. Once service is suspended no one else can use your remaining balance. We will help you get a replacement phone and most likely this will not cost you anything. we can send this phone out to you in as little as a couple of days. You can call us to suspend your account at 1-888-321-5880.”

What are my options if my Assurance Wireless phone happens to break within the first year that I have it?

"You get a one year warranty with your Assurance Wireless phone and this comes from the original equipment manufacturer. If you happen to experience an equipment malfunction you can call us at 1-888-321-5880 and we will make arrangements to send you a replacement mobile phone.”

Reachout Wireless Replacement Policy

ReachOut is a company that has Lifeline service in Arkansas, Colorado, California, Georgia, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana,  Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas,  Wisconsin, and West Virginia. They're stolen or lost phone policy is as follows:

"ReachOut Wireless Is not responsible for handsets that have been stolen or lost or for ones that have been damaged after they reach subscribers. We will offer phones at a discount which includes shipping and taxes for one low price. the model and the make of the initial mobile phone that you will receive is done randomly in accordance with our inventory. You cannot choose which model of phone that you're going to receive initially under the program provided by ReachOut Wireless."

"Now ReachOut wireless offers you the ability to purchase phones from Audiovox, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Samsung, or Nokia. the phone that you receive will be tested in a factory. You can purchase a comparable or the same model that you originally received from ReachOut Wireless. Phones are shipped through the USPS Postman and your phone number will remain the same, as well as any minutes accumulated on the phone, is going to transfer over to your new phone. When you get a replacement phone purchase you will also receive some bonus points minutes which depends upon the make and model of the phone that you have purchased."

Budget Mobile Replacement Policy

Budget offers free government cell phone plans which cover 30 States and plan to expand into 17 more states as well as Puerto Rico their stolen and lost policy is as follows:

"We have the ability to suspend your account so no one else is able to use her phone. If you find your phone you can contact customer service and then we will restore your phone services. If you cannot find your phone you need to purchase a replacement phone."

"Please see your local Budget Mobile store to purchase your new phone. You can also mail a money order for $20 to Budget Prepay Inc, 1325 Barksdale Blvd, Suite 200, Bossier City, LA 71112. You'll need to include your mobile number on the money order as well as your account number."

Life Wireless Replacement Policy

Life Wireless is available in 25 States as well as Puerto Rico. It's lost or stolen phone policy is as follows:

"For any stolen or lost phones please contact us immediately to report this to us. If your device has been stolen or lost, then you are responsible for the charges that may be incurred on your phone until you report the loss or the theft of your device. You can report the device as stolen or lost and then the service will be suspended without any charges by simply contacting us.

If you want you can request a replacement device through our customer service and pay a $20 replacement fee. we will ship your replacement within 24 hours once we have received your payment. After you report the loss or theft you are responsible for complying with other obligations you have under this agreement. This includes but it is not limited to the payment of monthly fees. You have a responsibility to report the theft or loss of your device so we can take the appropriate action."

In addition to the larger free government cell phone companies, there are also smaller companies in the lifeline assurance business. You will find various companies state to state. Here are some of the larger ones that we have reviewed:

Assist Wireless Replacement Policy

In Maryland, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, Assist Wireless offers Lifeline assistance plans. They plan to expand into Illinois, California, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and Texas. Here is their policy for a stolen or lost phones:

"To replace your damaged or lost Lifeline cell phone there's a $25 fee. You can replace the damaged or lost phone by mailing the payment to the address you'll find below. You can also complete an online form and pay with your debit or credit card. The new handset is in mailed to your address that you provide from your order. If you prefer you can also send a money order or a check to the address indicated below. Please include your address and name and mobile number or another contract number."

Assist Wireless
Attention: Phone Replacement
2402 Gravel Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76118

Cintex Wireless Replacement Policy

Cintex Wireless is a Lifeline provider and they offer cell phone plans in Arkansas, Maryland, Maine, Rhode Island, and in West Virginia. The company website does not have a lot of information in terms of their stolen or lost cell phone policy. We were able to talk to an independent source and found out the following information:

" If your phone is stolen or lost, any monthly minutes you have are not reimbursable or protected until you provide the company notification of the phone that is missing. you need to visit the Cintex Website ( or call us at  877-304-9183. Once we have been notified you'll be able to buy a new phone and your old phone number and remaining minutes are going to be transferred to the new phone. If minutes were used during the time that the phone was lost, they are not going to be refunded."

Website: Cintex Wireless – Apply
PO Box 10707
Gaithersburg, MD 20898

i-Wireless Replacement Policy

Cincinnati Bell has a division called i-Wireless. This company serves residence only in Ohio. It does business using the Access Wireless name. these companies are both the same and here is their stolen or lost phone policy:

If I lose my Access Wireless phone what should I do?

"If your phone is stolen or lost then you are going to be responsible for any Chargers that are incurred until you notify us of the fact that your phone was stolen or lost. You can visit the website at or give us a call at 1-866-594-3644.  once we have received notice that your phone has been stolen or lost then your account is going to be suspended. If you do not activate a new phone or let us know that you have found your old phone within 60 days after the suspension of your account then your account with us will be deactivated. You will lose your phone number a determination charge which is equal to the balance of your account will be charged to you and this is not refundable even if you happen to reactivate your account. You can visit a participating Kroger store and purchase your new I-wireless phone at the regular retail price. You may also do this online at or you can pay a $30 fee plus applicable tax and get a refurbished replacement phone.”

StandUp Wireless Replacement Policy

This is a free cell phone provider and it is located in the states of Arkansas, Arizona, Louisiana, Michigan, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. They're stolen or lost cell phone policy is as follows:

" For any phone that has been stolen or lost you should call StandUp Wireless at 1-800-544-4441 so your account can immediately be suspended. As a customer, you are responsible for any unauthorized or authorized use of your phone between the time the phone was lost and you reported the issue to StandUp Wireless. The customer will be responsible for all cost that is associated with the replacement of their phone."

Terracom Wireless Replacement Policy

This Regional provider has offices in Arkansas,  Iowa, Indiana, Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. They're stolen and lost phone policy is as follows:

" If you have your phone stolen or lost you are going to be responsible for any charges that are incurred until TerraCom Wireless is notified that your phone has been stolen or lost. Please contact us at our service number and once we received notice of the stolen or lost phone we will suspend your account right away. If you don't activate a new phone or notify us within 30 days that you have found your wireless phone after the suspension of your account, then we will terminate your account and you will no longer have access to your phone number provided by TerraCom Wireless."

Yourtel Wireless Replacement Policy

This company is a regional provider and it's also a sister company of TerraCom Wireless. they offer government free cell phone plans in Kansas, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Washington. they're stolen or lost cell phone policy is as follows:

" YourTel Wireless is not responsible for stolen or lost handsets or ones that have been damaged after they have been delivered to the subscriber. We Do offer phones at a discount price and include shipping and taxes you can upgrade your current phone at any time if you already have YourTel Wireless service.

You can purchase LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia, or Audiovox phones as an upgrade or replacement for your phone. The phone that you purchase will be Factory tested. If you were replacing a phone that has been lost then you may purchase a comparable or the same model phone that you received the first time it from us. The phone will be shipped through the USPS the same way that your original phone arrived. All minutes accumulated on your old phone will be transferred over to the new phone and your current phone number will stay the same."

Wireless for Hope Replacement Policy

Wireless for Hope operates in both the Louisiana and Arkansas. They are also known as Easy Wireless. Companies stolen or lost cell phone  policy is as follows:

My cell phone has been, lost what do I do?

"The first thing you should do is to stay calm and to look around to see if you can find your phone. If you cannot find your phone, simply call us and we will suspend at the service. Once the service has been suspended no one else can use your phone. We will work with you to help you get a replacement phone. We can send this phone up to you in just a couple of days. Your remaining balance will be transferred to your account with the replacement phone. Call our number at 1-877-476-3451 and one of our customer service representatives will work with you and provide you with a new phone."

Tag Mobile Replacement Policy

Tag Mobile is a major regional provider but there is no information about their stolen or lost cell phone policy. Considering many people have their phone stolen or lost this company should get this policy on their website as soon as possible because many individuals are looking for help.

Replacement Cell Phone Policies for Other Companies

Many of the smaller free government cell phone companies also neglect to include their stolen or lost cell phone policies on their websites. Despite our research, we were unable to determine what the policies of these companies were.  The companies we found to have a lack of cell phone policies included care Wireless in Illinois, Alaska Communications in Alaska, and True Wireless located in Oklahoma, Maryland, Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Texas


We understand that it is frustrating and that you can waste a lot of time trying to find your cell phone when it is lost.  Android and iPhone devices can be tracked but there are no such features on Lifeline phones. you should examine the areas where you were before you lost your phone and this will make it easier for you to locate your phone.