Easy Wireless

For just $1 a month, Oklahoma residents can get unlimited text, 2250 minutes, + 50MB of data on this plan.

If you are in Missouri, Missouri, or Oklahoma, you can get a Lifeline free government cell phone through Easy Wireless. There are many different plans so be sure to get one at that meets your needs. Here is what easy Wireless will provide for you according to their website:

Our primary concern at easy Wireless is our customers. We provide them with a feature-rich and high-quality phone that does not cost them anything. Customers that qualify for the lifeline service benefit from our premium service pack which will provide them with caller ID, texting, plenty of minutes, voicemail, call waiting, and data. Depending upon the state that you are in, features offered or the equipment that is available will vary.

Oklahoma tribal plan

· Unlimited text, 2250 minutes, 50MB data for $1

· Unlimited text, 2250 minutes, 250MB data for $4.95

· Unlimited text, 2,250 minutes, 1GB data for $17.95

· Unlimited text, 2250 minutes, 2GB data for $29.95

· Unlimited text and talk, 50MB data for $4.95

Oklahoma Non-Tribal plan

· Unlimited text, 2250 minutes, 50MB for $26

· Unlimited text, 2250 minutes, 250MB data for $29.95

· Unlimited text, 2,250 minutes, 1GB data for $42.95

· Unlimited text, 2,250 minutes, 12GB data for $54.95

· Unlimited text and talk, 50MB data for $29.95

Non-tribal Kentucky plan

With this plan, you get 250 texts, 250 minutes, and 25 MB data

Non-Tribal Missouri Plan

On this plan, you get 250 text, 250 minutes, and 25MB data.

Check with other companies to ensure you are getting the best deal

You want to look at all companies to ensure that you were working with the best Lifeline cell phone provider for your state and needs. Check thesephone providers by state for the options in your state.


Your eligibility requirements for the Easy Wireless program will vary state-to-state. If you participate in any of these programs you should qualify:

· Medicaid

· Food stamps or SNAP which is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

· SSI or Supplemental Security income

· Section 8 of the Federal Public Housing Assistance

· BIA or Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

· Veteran's Pension and Survivor's Benefit

· Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or Tribal TANF

· Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations or FDPIR

· Tribal Head Start for households that meet the income qualifying standard

If you are on government assistance program that is approved for Lifeline assistance you should qualify. If you are not on one of these programs you can still qualify if your income is below 135 to 150% of the federal poverty guidelines. You can send your application by mail, online, or call Easy Wireless to see if you qualify.


Easy Wireless
P.O. Box 831717
Ocala, Fl 34483
Phone: (855) 574-2036

Website: myeasywireless.com