Nemont Wireless

In Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana, Nemont is a company that offers Lifeline discounts. The discount in Montana is $9.25 per month. In the Williston North Dakota area you get a discount of $9.25 and in Wyoming, the discount is $9.25.

The company understands that individuals are in financially challenging times. Their website indicates that telecommunications are an important part of society, the American economy, and our culture. Most individuals have become dependent upon telecom services and telephones for their everyday lives. They understand that there are many social as well as business uses for cell phones as well as families. People need reliable and quick communications for access to emergency as well as community services. Our lives can be difficult without these vital communication links that keep us connected.


Like any other state, you're just a limited to one Lifeline plan per house load. If you're certified by the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services to receive benefits, then you are eligible for the telephone assistance program. The program is designed to help those that are in need.

if you are in a household that is 135% below the federal poverty guidelines then you're eligible for Tribal Lifeline and Lifeline assistance. You can also apply for the standard list of regular Federal programs. in Montana, you can also apply for TANF which is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. It doesn't matter whether this is tribally or state-administered. you can also apply to the Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance.

Tribal Lands Lifeline

In Nemont, you can apply for a special tribal lands Lifeline program. This will give you a substantial discount to any Resident of an Indian reservation. There are some specific terms for the tribal lands Lifeline discount.

"Carriers that serve eligible consumers on tribal lands can receive between $34.50 and $38 per each subscriber each month from the universal service fund. This discount is passed on to the consumer. Regardless of any discount that they receive a tribal consumer needs to pay the minimum monthly Lifeline rate which is $1 for their local phone service."

"The tribal Lifeline program also allows up to another $25 discount for any eligible household that is living within the boundaries of an Indian reservation. The consumer will be responsible for fees, additional services, or any taxes."

When a Native American deals with Nemont wireless they're going to be paying very little for their cell phone service.


Nemont Wireless
P.O. Box 600
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Scobey, MT 59263-0600