SouthernLINC Wireless

Many Wireless communication companies offer Lifeline plans including SouthernLINC Wireless which has operations in Georgia and Alabama. It doesn't offer service to customers in the Florida Panhandle or Southeastern Mississippi.

This company will provide Lifeline customers a discount of $9.25 on their phone bill each month. The program they offer is called the Lifeline Call Manager and it has many other benefits that other Lifeline companies don't offer

Benefits to Lifeline call manager

On this program, you will get 300 anytime cellular minutes each month. You also get unlimited push-to-talk two-way radio minutes across the service area of SouthernLINC Wireless. You will get this service even if you go through your anytime cellular minutes. You get free call forwarding, free directory assistance, free call waiting, free caller ID, and 3 call waiting. The standard monthly cost for this program is $21.74. If you remove the $9.25 discount, you're going to pay a total of $12.49 per month. The only other cost will be a one-time activation fee of $17.50 to start the program.

Requirements for Qualification

The qualify for Lifeline discount in both Alabama and Georgia you have to have a household income that is below the federal poverty guideline of 135%.

You can also qualify in each one of the states if you participate in federal assistance programs such as SNAP. SSI, the Federal Public Housing Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. In the Alabama area, you can also qualify if you get benefits from the Bureau of Indian Affairs program, Tribal TANF, General Assistance Food Distribution Program NSLP or Head Start. In the Georgia area, you can qualify if you participate in your local gas company or local electric company Senior Citizen Low-Income Discount Program.

SouthernLINC Wireless