Viaero Wireless

Applicants in Nebraska, Colorado, and Arkansas can receive the federal discount of $9.25 as well as the additional state discount of $3.50. Residents in these states will be able to save $12.25 off of their Viaero Wireless plan.

To qualify for the Nebraska Lifeline program, you have to have a household income that is at or below 135% of the poverty guidelines that are outlined federally.

You can also qualify to receive financial assistance from any federal or state program such as the following:

· Federal Public Housing Assistance Or FPHA

· Nebraska Low-Income Telephone Assistance Program or NTAP

· Section 8 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP

· Medicaid

· The National School Lunch Program

· Low-Income Energy Assistance Program LIHEAP

· Supplemental Security Income or SSI

· Children's Health Insurance Program

· Temporary Assistance For Needy Families TANF

More Information on the Viaero Plans

There are a wide number of low-cost plans which will start for as little as $35. this doesn't take into consideration your Lifeline discount. On their Simplicity plans, you'll get 1000 text, 700 minutes, and other features for a few more dollars. One of the features you may want to take advantage of is a prepaid cell phone plan you can choose from unlimited everything or the basic plan. The website for Viaero describes their offer in more detail:

"Our company exists to provide Superior wireless service to rural customers.  we want to enhance their quality of life, make them safer, and help them communicate just like people in the city do. We provide plenty of access time, superior coverage, competitive product, and immediate personal customer service. We offer a wide range of services and conductivity."

“To support our promises we have open 42 stores across the country including Arkansas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, parts of Colorado, and other areas.”

Please note you can only get your Lifeline discount in Nebraska, Arkansas, or Kansas.


Viaero Wireless
1224 West Platte Avenue
Fort Morgan, CO 80701