Tru Wireless

With Tru Wireless you get 500 minutes of text, 500 minutes of talk, a free government cell phone, and 500MB of data. If you are on the Oklahoma tribal program you get unlimited text, unlimited talk, and unlimited data.

Tru Wireless provides service in Maryland, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Texas. They provide a Lifeline assistance cell phone for those with low incomes. You will get your cell phone completely free of charge in the states covered by the program.

True Wireless Plans

With the Tru Wireless plan, you will get 500 minutes of talk as well as text. A call will count as one unit while each text will count as three units. If you text frequently you're going to run out of voice minutes quite quickly. Compared to other plans, this is not one of the better ones in the Lifeline program. You can also upgrade your services for more features which gives you extra data, minutes, and so on. Here are the plans that you can sign up for in Arkansas, Maryland, Rhode Island, Texas, Oklahoma (non-tribal).

Tru Budget

This is the free plan and you get 500 minutes or texts. Three texts equal will equal one minute of talk time. You also get 500MB of data on the plan.

Casual Plan

This plan will cost you $4.99. You get unlimited text, 500 minutes, and 500MB of data on the plan.


On this plan it will cost you $19.99. You get unlimited text, 1000 minutes, and 500MB of data.


This plan will cost you $29.99. You get unlimited text, unlimited minutes, and 500MB of data.

Oklahoma Tribal Plan

if you live on land that is designated as tribal and then you will get an amazing deal. In addition to the free phone that you receive, you will get unlimited data, texting, and voice. This is an exceptional deal for anyone that lives in one of these areas.

Qualifying for True Wireless

Qualifying for this program is about the same for other programs. You will need to participate in another federal assistance or state program. This can include Medicaid, public housing, food stamps, and other programs. If you have a household income that is at or below 135% to 150% of the poverty levels indicated by the federal poverty guidelines you will also qualify. Please see the Federal Poverty Guidelines for more information about these guidelines.


Tru Wireless

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Spanish Support: 1-877-818-RING
Customer Service: 1-877-412-1919