Tag Mobile

Tag Mobile offers unlimited voice, free smart phone, unlimited texting, and 2GB of data in California. In the other states, you'll get unlimited texts, 750 free voice minutes, and one GB of data. You will also get a free SIM card if you bring in your own phone.

Tag Mobile Provides Lifeline cell phones for those that are on government assistance or low income. They serve the states of Arkansas, Colorado, California, Iowa, Louisiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Nevada, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.


In California, you will get a better offer and plan. In California, you get up to 2GB of data, unlimited texting, and unlimited voice. The amount of data that you receive is going to depend upon if you use a Tag Mobile SIM for a phone you already possess, or you get a smartphone that is supplied by Tag Mobile.

Other States

In the other states, you get unlimited texting, 750 minutes of voice, free SIM card, and one GB of data. You will have to bring in your own phone to get the free SIM card.

To Qualify

If you are already on government assistance programs you will qualify for the Lifeline assistance program. Here are the various programs that allow you to qualify.

· SSI or Supplemental Security Income

· Medicaid

· NSL or National School Lunch Free Lunch Program

· Food Stamps

· FPHA or Section 8 of the Federal Public Housing Assistance

· TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

· LIHEAP or Low Income Home Energy Assistance Plan

· if your income is at or below 135% as outlined by the federal poverty level. You'll have to provide proof of this to qualify see the Federal Poverty Guidelines for more information.


Tag Mobile
1330 Capital Parkway
Carrollton, Texas 75006
Automated 7/24 line: 1-866-469-8736
Customer Care: 1-866-959-4918

Recertification Hotline: 1-866-302-5348