NewPhone Wireless

In Louisiana, you'll get 1000 voice minutes, a free Smartphone, 1GB of data, and unlimited texts.

In Louisiana, the NewPhone Wireless company is available to Residents in that state. We wish this was available to Residents in other states because you get a lot for on this free government cell phone program. Here is what you're going to be getting.

The program includes unlimited free texts, 1000 free minutes, and 1GB of data each month. This includes a long-distance as well as local calling. You get caller ID, texting, call forwarding, call waiting, basic voicemail, and 3-way calling. If you don't qualify for a free government cell phone then there is a third option which is indicated below

The "I don't qualify for Lifeline" Plan

With this plan, you get 500 free minutes, a free cell phone, and 1000 text each month and you will pay just $9.25. All of this comes with everything you get with the Lifeline program which is long distance calling, local calling, call waiting, caller ID, texting, call forwarding, basic voicemail, and 3-way calling.

Many other companies don't offer this with the free government cell phone program. Many people are low income and need Lifeline assistance but don't qualify for the program. While this does cost a little bit of money it is still quite low and most people should be able to afford it.

NewPhone makes it easy for you to purchase additional minutes if you need them. The additional minutes program is outlined in the table below:



Auto Pay 210 minutes*


100 minutes


250 minutes


500 minutes


800 minutes


When you're enrolled in the new phone wireless auto-pay program, there is an extra 210 minutes per month that you can get for $5 which will bring the total cost to $5.15. If you happen to use a credit card or a debit card then there will be a $2 processing fee each month. Since you are unlikely to be able to pay for this program without using your card then the actual cost is going to be $7.15 each month for your additional 210 minutes. This is still quite a bargain despite the added costs.

Buy enrolling n the new phone Auto Pay plan then you will be automatically entered into the company's monthly sweepstakes. Each month the company will select five winners and they are awarded $100 prizes.

NewPhone Wireless indicates that you can get your free government cell phone at several locations including corner stores, housing complexes, churches, assisted living centers, and other locations. You can also apply for this program online and have the phone shipped to your address. The service is offered statewide in the area covered by Sprint in Louisiana. You will not be charged roaming charges but there is no international long distance.


NewPhone Wireless
P.O. Box 8810
Metairie, LA 70011
Phone: 855-204-3667