Copper Valley Wireless

If you are struggling financially in Alaska you can get a free cell phone, unlimited text for month, and 450 nationwide minutes for just $1.

Copper Valley Wireless is another Alaskan cell phone company that will offer you a free government cell phone for just $1 per month. Many other companies offer this program for free but this one cost just $1. Programming just cost you more but since there are discounts applied to it, the final price is just going to be $1.

With this program, you're going to get unlimited texting, and 450 nationwide minutes. You also get unlimited weekends and nights and you get mobile-to-mobile calling. You can only get this program if your residence is within the service area of Copper Valley Wireless. The service is available in the Copper River Valley and Valdez. this area is around East of Anchorage and it is mostly a rural location in East Alaska

The Copper River Valley is from the Eureka Summit on the Glenn Highway and this goes to Tiekel located on the Richardson Highway which is north of Valdez and then it goes over to Mentasta which is on the Tok Cutoff. This goes up to Paxson which is on the North Richardson Highway and then it goes to around the Maclaren River Lodge on the Denali Highway. It includes most areas of Kennicott, McCarthy, and Chitina. In the valley of Prince William Sound there are over 20,649 miles in the coverage area. This includes the Alaska Range, Chugach National Forest, Talkeetna, and the Chugach Mountains, as well as the Wrangell Mountains of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. The Copper Valley provides telephone service across a region that covers 9400 square miles includes Copper River basin, Valdez, Glennallen, Chitina, McCarthy, Tatitlek, and Mentasta.

The Chamber of Commerce estimates that around 3,000 people live in the Copper River Valley. There are many self-defined communities and you'll find around 4,300 that live in Valdez. many rural areas in Alaska have high unemployment and high poverty rates. This is why the lifeline assistance program is beneficial in Valdez and the Copper River Basin and why there is only a $1 charge for the monthly phone service through this program.


Copper Valley Wireless
329 Fairbanks Drive
Valdez, AK 99686
Phone: 800-478-6612