Free Government Cell Phone the Top 10 Deals

Many people feel that all free government cell phone plans are the same, but this isn't the case at all. There are some plans that are going to be better than others. Here is what you need to know about government free cell phone plans.

For most companies that are in the Lifeline Assistance program, they tended to offer the same basic thing. You usually get a free cell phone, around 250 free voice minutes, and around 250 free text messages each month. Some competitors will offer you less than that and some will offer bonus text, bonus minutes, and some other services that make their plans stand out a little bit more than the average one.

To help you find the best Lifeline assistance program we have looked into these competing companies defined the best free cell phone plans for you. In some states such as Oklahoma and Alaska, cell phone companies will charge you around $1 per month but they tend to offer you more services, text, and more minutes. Most other states offer this program of for free. Please check with your individual jurisdiction to see if these plans are free or not in your area as they can change.

Safelink (38 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico)

SafelinkIs one of the larger providers in the lifeline assistance program. They're offering it to their new customers as a sign-up bonus. You will get 1,000 texts as well as 500 minutes for the first three months of your service. Once this is over you will go back to the regular Safelink service which is 1,000 texts for free and 250 voice minutes. The company claims that this plan is only for a limited time but it might become the standard offer for the company or extended so you should check the site to see what they are currently offering.

Assurance Wireless (40 states plus the District of Columbia)

Assurance wireless another large player in the free government cell phone plan business. They offer a special bonus for new customers. If you're a new customer you can get unlimited texts and 500 voice minutes for the first four months of your program. Once this is completed you'll get 250 voice minutes but your texts will still be unlimited.

TelAlaska (Alaska only)

With this company, you get free unlimited local calls which are placed to and from the communities that are in the TelAlaska network. You get voicemail, 400 long-distance minutes per month, and other services. You also get Nationwide unlimited texting in this program.

Easy Wireless (Oklahoma)

WithEasy Wireless you'll get 1000 free minutes as well as text each month for free.

Assist Wireless (Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, and Oklahoma)

The lifeline assistance program in Oklahoma has a few different laws. The plan itself isn't free and you will pay $1 per month. You'll get 1,000 texts and free voice minutes. For $6.20 each month you can get unlimited talk on the program.

Infiniti Mobile (Oklahoma only)

Infiniti Mobile will give you 1,000 texts for months and 750 voice minutes with a combined cost of $1 per month.

AT&T Mobility (Alaska only)

This program isn't quite free because the lifeline assistance program in Alaska is a little bit different. You will pay just $1 per month for this program. You'll get 1200 anytime minutes as well as national long-distance.

Dart (Oklahoma only)

This company is quite small but they have some nice cell phone plans. It will cost you $1 per month for unlimited text as well as talk. they also have the Oklahoma Lifeline 1000 + data plan which also costs $1 per month. This will give you 2000 text minutes and 1000 voice minutes as well as 50 megabytes of data on the plan.

GCI (Alaska only)

One of the largest communication companies in Alaska is GCI. They offer you unlimited text and unlimited talk for $1 per month.

Assurance (California only)

This is one of the better deals in the United States. This is the second largest company in the lifeline Assurance program. They offer free unlimited text and free unlimited minutes for their California customers. We hope that this program spreads to other states because it is a very good deal.


While some of these programs are nice it would be better if more companies were offering free text, free minutes, and other services for their customers. There are some large free government cell phone plan companies that should be offering more for their customers. We hope in the future that these companies begin to offer their customers a lot more teachers with their cell phone. Some of these companies include Budget Mobile, ReachOut Wireless, and Life Wireless. We hope that they offer more in the future for those in the lifeline assistance program.