Blue Jay Wireless Is Another Free Government Cell Phone Company That Is No Longer Supporting Lifeline

We get many questions every day about various free government cell phone companies. One person asked about the company Blue Jay Wireless. The person indicated that all of their website information and lines have been down since December 2017.

We were unaware of this so we went into researching this company and what we discovered was quite disappointing. From what we gathered Blue Jay Wireless is no longer participating in the Lifeline free government cell phone program. This information was not on Blue Jay Wireless website. We managed to find an online notification.

This Is an Important Notification Regarding Your Wireless Service.

Around the date of July 6th your Lifeline phone service which is currently provided by Blue Jay Wireless is going to be provided by Global Connection Inc of America which works with StandUp Wireless. This is another company that supplies Lifeline Services we want to make the change as smooth as possible for you. The service you receive right now will be provided through the same national network.

There is no action you have to take on your part. You will continue to be enrolled in the lifeline Wireless telephone service. No fees are going to be charged when the service provider is changed. With StandUp Wireless you'll receive the same telephone number and can keep the same phone. You will receive unlimited text, 500 minutes, and 500 megabytes of data. All of these services will be sent to you free of charge.

StandUp Wireless will it notify you once everything has been transferred and will let you know of any further changes to the conditions and terms of service as is required by law. You will not have a contract with standard Wireless and you reserve the right to change your Lifeline provider.

More information will be provided so please watch your phone for phone messages. You can also visit stand-up Wireless online at the following URL:

Have any concerns or questions you can call StandUp Wireless at 1-800-544-4441 or before the transfer you can call Blue Jay Wireless at 1-855-425-8529 Or through 611 on your phone.

What appears to have happened to that some customers did not receive the notification that they have been transferred over to another cell phone provider and don't know where they stand.

We looked at the previous states of Blue Jay Wireless through online snapshots. The last one we looked at was January 10th, 2018 and it appears that the company was up and running at that time but their website is currently inactive.

We were connected to a note Source Indian call center when we call the Blue Jay Wireless. They indicated that Stand Up and Blue Jay have merged. Unfortunately, there is no information on the internet that there was a merger. The representatives told us that the Blue Jay Website is currently down because it's being revamped and it will soon come back online.

From the information we gathered we figured that StandUp should be providing service in all of the states that they previously serviced plus any additional states that were served by Blue Jay Wireless. As far as we know the states in which Stand Up does not offer service but were previously serviced by Blue Jay Wireless include Hawaii, North Dakota, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Oklahoma. Stand Up appears to have added service plans in Rhode Island, and California which are former Blue Jays sates but don't offer service in Oklahoma, North Dakota, Nevada, and Hawaii which were other states which were formerly served by Blue Jay Wireless

The Facebook page of Blue Jay Wireless does not mention the Lifeline free government cell phone program any longer. They indicate that Blue Jay Wireless is a socially conscious Wireless wearable company. They indicate that Blue Jay is a wireless wearable brand which is dedicated to making lives better in our community. They deliver leading Wireless wearable products in various technologies to help society. The wireless product that the company appears to offer now is Trackum which is a device for tracking pets and no longer offering free government cell phones.

It appears that Blue jay Wireless is another company that is no longer offering a Lifeline free government cell phones. Other companies such as Budget Wireless, Total Call Mobile, and ReachOut wireless have also gone out of business. YourTel and Terracomour two companies that have merged together. The merger between Access Wireless and Assurance Wireless was called off.

It appears that only the strongest government free cell phone providers are going to survive in this marketplace.