Ways to find the church assistance program near you

The church helps low-income families. These projects provide financial assistance for rent, free food, clothing and payments for utilities. Some churches also arrange for affordable health or medical care, provide housing or hot meals, provide help at Christmas, include free toys or meals, and arrange other types of support.

Many families are struggling to maintain a balance of payments. Find out how some of the church groups listed below increase the number of social services they offer near you to provide additional short-term rental assistance and to pay for other bills. The specific form of emergency assistance provided by the church will vary depending on location and available resources, but assisting in paying rent, arranging a free meal plan, and funding for electricity bills are always a priority.

At some gatherings across the country, they provide additional emergency financial assistance to those who are less fortunate, as resources permit. Low-income families can usually go to churches near them for help, pay a portion of their bills or rent back. Or they can be recommended. Whether it's rent, a box of free groceries, clothes, or information about housing, you can get resources. The church also tends to help the most vulnerable people, including the elderly, the disabled, single mothers or fathers.

Thousands of churches in the area help when they have money. They not only support poor families working in the parish, but they also try to help strangers. Anyone seeking a free meal, housing or other support can come to ask for help. The church can provide their own help, or they can work with other local groups, including free Christmas assistance programs offered by charities.