Government grants could be of help

Grants are available and can be used to help pay bills.

Private foundations, states, charities, and the federal government donate billions of dollars free of charge. These funds can be used to pay for housing, rent, utilities, new cars, medical supplies and even transportation. Free grants can help low-income families, individuals seeking to start a business or pay for employment, people with disabilities, and other difficult families.

Sadly, most people don't know that these free grants exist and are often left unused. Please find out more below, or another good place for them is a local agency in your state or county and find a list of state and local assistance and grant programs. Each application has a separate application.

Why do government and private companies provide grants?

Each year, the federal government provides billions of dollars to institutions to provide grants to US citizens. It is also helpful for newcomers, including refugees and immigrants. The purpose is to help the payee pay bills and other needs. Whether it's an unpaid utility bill, a grant for holiday travel, or a home for rent or mortgages to stop homelessness, organizations want help.

Most people never even apply for a free grant because they think it's not for them, they don't know who to contact, or they think there is too much red tape. However, the fact is that people from all over the country come from all walks of life, get free grants and other benefits from the government, and you should do the same.